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Structural Support and Stabilization

In crawl spaces and basements, there needs to be more support for the floors above, which can lead to sagging or bouncy floors. This is often caused by cracked, bowed, or failing joists and beams, foundation problems, or structural damage. Such issues can result from craftsmanship or the structural members being over-spanned, meaning the floor design needs to be built correctly to withstand the load above. Termite damage and moisture intrusion can also affect the stability of your home's foundation and structural integrity. Regardless of the scenario, our team can provide a long-term solution for your needs.

Structural Repairs and Rebuilds

Our first goal is to repair the structure in its current state and avoid extensive rebuilding, even when faced with foundation problems or foundation issues. We offer comprehensive foundation repair services, including foundation repairs on sill beams, sill plates, rim joists, standard joists, girder beams, and wall framing for both load-bearing and partition walls. However, there are times when the floor members are not salvageable due to costly repairs or basement waterproofing issues, and rebuilding becomes the only realistic option. If the structure cannot be repaired and replacement is necessary, our team, boasting over 75 combined years of experience in framing construction, is well-equipped to handle the task. We specialize in safe and efficient bracing and lifting load-bearing and partition walls during the rebuild process, ensuring your property is restored to a safe and structurally sound condition.

Structural repairs often cause cosmetic damage as well. We offer complete build-back solutions for your home so you can quickly get your living space back to normal without hiring numerous contractors to complete the project, which sets us apart from most of our competitors. We specialize in repairs on older construction, such as balloon-framed construction, post-and-beam construction, log floor systems, and much more!

Deck Repair

We provide a full line of porch and deck repairs, including;

• Post replacement
• Frame repair
• Ledger board replacement 
• Stabilization 

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