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A Reliable Authority for Deck Repair in Roanoke, VA

Our Services

Deck Repair

Our skilled team can repair deck boards, address problems, or fix wear and tear caused by weather conditions to restore your deck's beauty and functionality.

New Deck Construction:

Are you envisioning a deck? Our team specializes in crafting decks that cater to your desires and style, crafting an outdoor area for unwinding, and hosting gatherings.

Deck Board Replacement:

Enhance your deck by installing deck boards. We provide a range of materials and finishes to guarantee that your deck looks fantastic and lasts for years to come.

Living Space Expansion

Enhance your home by extending your living space. A designed deck provides room for hosting gatherings, dining, and enjoying the outdoors.

Comprehensive Deck Projects:

From fixing issues to completely renovating decks, we take on projects of scale with equal skill and commitment. Our goal is to improve both the aesthetics and usability of your home through every job we undertake. Whether it's a repair or a major construction project, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch outcomes that seamlessly integrate your living areas with your home. Every job is manageable; every project receives our full attention and professional care.

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Customer Reviews

Check out what our customers have said about us!

Samuel Lesko

Fantastic group. They were thorough and very helpful through out the process. We will be using them again and so should you!

Samuel Lesko

They are very professional and punctual, and provide high quality service that's very hard to find. The team is not only very skilled at the work they do, they actually know what they're talking about. When you work with Appalachian Property Preservation, you're guaranteed that the job will be done right, not just quickly and cheaply.

Art G

Hunter and his crew did some extensive structural remediation on a 50 year old house I recently purchased. The corners had stair-case like cracking and a basement wall underground had horizontal cracks. They drove piers under all 4 corners of the foundation and applied carbon fiber support straps to an underground wall...They were very professional, including the guys with shovels in their hands. They did a great cleanup and I feel very confident with what I saw, that my house is now stabilized for another 50 years.